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Superior Soap Collection - Lavender

Experience a refreshing, natural type of clean! 


We here at Superior Coffee Roasting want to bring attention to the fact that clean, clear, drinkable water is something we can not take for granted!  The best coffee in the world also needs to have clean, clear, and unpolluted water to make it with.  That is why we want to share with you this amazing collection of all natural, chemical free, and environmentally friendly soap that helps keep our water cleaner, safer, and better in turn to make coffee with!


As an added bonus, we go a step further by also re-purposing spent coffee grounds from our Superior Cafe into the soap which acts as a natural and gentle scrub!   Our coffee will therefore get not just one, but two life cycles out of the purchase of this soap!  Hooray!  

Superior Soap Collection - Lavender

$6.25 Regular Price
$5.49Sale Price
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One-time purchase
Stay Clean
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$5.49every month until canceled
  • Made with Distilled Water, Saponified Olive and Coconut Oil, Espresso Grounds, and Essential Oils.  That is all.  

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