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A big part of what we do here at Superior Coffee Roasting Co. is to contribute in a responsible and supportive manner in an effort to maintain a healthy environment, not only for sustainable coffee growing, but for those who need a hand "out in the field". 


We have made the commitment to donate a portion of our annual proceeds directly to organizations such as (and not limited to) Coffee, Grounds for, Coffee Quality, and Grow as a part of our international outreach.    


Here at Home

In addition to our outreach in the coffee community, we understand that a huge part, (like almost 99% /volume) of what goes into a great cup of coffee - is the water!  That is why our local support focuses primarily to the protection and conservation of this great lake region of ours, and Lake Superior in particular.  We have been inspired by the work that the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy has done and the wonderful connections and programs that they have built.  We hope that you check out their information and consider being a donating member with them!

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