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Clean Water = Good Coffee 

As basic as that sounds, that's all it took to put together a partnership with local non-profit organizations who help protect our sources of freshwater!

Coffee and water have a complex and inseparable relationship. Not only does the plant require a significant amount of  water in it's growth and production, but a simple cup of coffee actually contains only 1.25% coffee and a whopping 98.75% water. At Superior Coffee Roasting Company we are passionate about our product, but doing so in a way that is supportive of a healthy freshwater environment both here in our own backyard, as well as abroad, and for the coffee growers who need a hand "out in the field". 

Each of us needs to take action to better use, consume, and manage water in our daily lives. Join us in helping accelerate change. 



In collaboration with the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy, we have, with deliberate attention to detail, come up with a roast profile and blend that captured the high regard of Gary McGuffin, who is on the local Board of Directors, and a founding member of the LSWC. This blend is so named the "Freshwater Fusion" (after all, a great cup of coffee is 98.75% water)


100% of the net proceeds from your purchase of our Freshwater Fusion Blend go to the LSWC for their ongoing programs to help protect, and bring awareness to our important watershed.

great lakes map bag.png
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