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The Owner


Our Company

Incorporated in 2012 on the shores of one of the Greatest Lakes in the World (Superior), the coffee roasting business with its namesake set her sail and began the journey of bringing fresh roasted coffee to Canada, the United States, and the World!  

We really have a terrific team of hard working professionals who love what they do here, and give their 110% each day!

Superior Coffee Roasting Co. continues to grow and succeed because of the great staff we have, and we know the customer service they provide each of our customers will be nothing but excellent.

We offer a variety of services both retail and wholesale.  If you're a business needing coffee, whether ground or whole bean, in bulk, or individual packs, we have the means to customize our product to suit you.  We are not so large to where quality and attention to detail gets brushed aside, and not so small to where we don't have the capacity to fill orders quickly and efficiently. 

It is hard to say if there was ever a single eureka moment that led to the birth of this aspiration in the coffee roasting arena, but one thing is certain, Ron Kurnik loves coffee, and loves to build a brand!  Over 15 years of business experience and the art of creating a product people can enjoy and be excited to share with others, is what motivates him each day!

"The coffee world is not a static one.  We're always interested and keeping on top of what's developing and happening with coffee, and in the process bringing a great finished product to our customers." 

Ron has had appreciated all the feedback over the years from professionals in the area of coffee and business to help drive his business forward, such as this one only a few years being in business:

"Ron, from one coffee roaster to another, I'm impressed on multiple levels at your approach and understanding of coffee and the consumer. We sample roast and brew all over this great land Ron....and the word that comes to mind about your coffee and our experience is...well, .... "Remarkable",

Thank you. your new friend, Forrest Graves"

We at Superior Coffee Roasting Thank you our customers for your patronage and support now and in the future, and welcome any and all feedback! 


Cheers, to a Superior Day!


Where you can buy

Tel Aviv - Israel
Jaffa - Israel
Cape Town - South Africa

Are you traveling?  Bring some coffee or a mug  and take a fancy shot like these and we'll post your photo!

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