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Signature Blend



Love this Coffee?  You can now set up your own Monthly Subscription, and get your coffee sent to you automatically!!  


Add 2 or more 12oz bags to your Subscription, or a 4.5lb bag each month and we'll throw in some perks and free stuff each month along with it!

Signature Blend

Price Options
One-time purchase
Automatic Fefill
No more panic shopping because you just ran out of coffee!
$10.99every month until canceled
  • This is a very special coffee indeed.  Per the namesake, this is one where the owner is personally rolling up his sleeves and roasting.  So it's a limited edition label which can only be got here online, and in some select locations. 

    The makeup of the Signature Blend will change over time depending on availability of certainly coffee, and other factors.  But the general idea is that it's a "showcase" roast that the owner has a particular liking to.   Currently, we're offering a single origin that comes from Guatemala.  It's a natural processed coffee bean which means it's less water intensive to process and prepare for export.  The bean come from the Laguna de Ayarza region, in South East Guatemala.  

    The coffee from this region and from 9 producing family in particular where this coffee originates, display intense fruits, candied sweetness, with a natural fermentation process that gives it a slight wine characterisitc.  Ron notes there being a light milk chocolate and strawberry combination that's present.  "You don't always get a note of red- berry fruit in coffee very often, so this is a fun combination we hope you'll enjoy!"


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