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The Superior Coffee 



WELCOME! We are very pleased you're here to introduce a great opportunity and extend your passion for beautifully hand crafted, fresh roasted coffee, into a sustaining effort to help support one of the largest freshwater resources in the world!!

As you know, our access to clean water in North America is SO incredibly valuable, and the Great Lakes region is exceptionally unique in that regard.  However, without the continued education and awareness of how fragile this ecosystem can be, that clean resource can be damaged and even lost to our future generations. 


Together with the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy, we have (and with deliberate attention to detail) come up with a roast profile and blend that captured the high regard of Gary McGuffin, who is on the local Board of Directors, and a founding member of the LSWC. 


This blend is so named the "Freshwater Fusion!"

(after all, a great cup of coffee is about 99% water)

With the sale of our Freshwater Fusion coffee blend,

100% of the net proceeds will go directly to support the efforts of the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy. 


We hope that you support our partnership which will help conservation efforts, helping to preserve and bring awareness to our incredible and unique watershed that is Lake Superior.  You can't have a superior cup of coffee without pure clean H2O.  Cheers!

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