COVID-19  has been a serious concern for us all, and we in the coffee roasting industry are no exception.  We want to take a moment to provide some reassurance to you the customer that the steps we are taking to provide a safe environment for our workers here in Northern Michigan will result in an equally safe product that we will continue to offer both online, and in stores.  
We have dramatically beefed up our daily cleaning and sanitizing methods which are helping to eliminate the risks from outside contact and exposure of the virus.  Our staff is committed to following all the guidelines of State and CDC recommendations on personal and work environment distancing, and social exposure during this critical time.
We hope that all of you will take good and sensible care of yourselves.  We appreciate your continued support with purchasing Superior Coffee Roasting Co. coffee, either online - which is certainly a great idea, or in other retail markets that you can do safely. We welcome your feedback, and we will keep you informed of any other developments should they arise.   
Ron Kurnik
President & CEO
Life is short...
"Don't Settle for Ordinary Coffee"

The Owner

Having traveled through many coffee growing regions of Central America and SE Asia, Ron Kurnik, the founder of Superior Coffee Roasting Co. gained a deep appreciation for the vast amount of work and devotion that goes into creating such a rich and truly diverse product as coffee.  This knowledge and understanding contributed greatly to the inspiration for his company to do the same back home on the roasting end.    




The Coffee

One of the nice things about a great cup of coffee, is knowing that the next cup will always be equally as good!  When it comes to creating our coffee, selection, quality, and freshness, are among our top priories.  Our focus is always on keeping things simple and pure - one roast at a time.


We have a great selection to choose from, so there's coffee options for everyone!  We pride our self in having some wonderful blends as well as a showcase of single origin offerings.  Another unique element is found in our flavored coffee which is the most coffee grinder friendly in the world.  We don't coat our coffee beans with anything that is going to "gum up" or leave a sticky residue.  And more importantly, our flavoring adds no unintended bitterness to the cup. And did we mention it's all Natural & Organic Compliant?  Just full rich flavor that's smooth and delicious!  You have to try it to believe it! 


is the most essential element of life,
... and coffee!

Find ways to Conserve and Protect this valuable resource each day!

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